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Lilliput 869GL-80NP/C/T-HB 8" touch function not working???

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  • Lilliput 869GL-80NP/C/T-HB 8" touch function not working???

    Hi all,

    I bought a Lilliput 869GL-80NP/C/T-HB 8" monitor from the store here for my carpc.

    Well I have installed it all over the last week but ran into a problem. Previously during the bench testing etc the touch function worked great.

    Now everything is installed in the car, the screen is all working and looks fantastic, but I have a weird problem with the touch function. It doesn't work... BUT if I open the eTouch or whatever the driver software is called and run the test where it has a big yellow "Press Here" on the screen it picks up that I have pressed there. So why work there but not on anything else?

    Any ideas? I'm stumped!

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    Downloaded the latest drivers. I can calibrate the screen by touching each corner when it asks no worries. But that's all. Nothing else responds to touch. A normal mouse and keyboard work fine.

    Could it be something missing in the windows installation?
    I am running windows 7.


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      All working! Ended up being a driver issue.