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Bybyte double din 2nd gen with mp3car 7" transflective integrated VW bezel

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  • Bybyte double din 2nd gen with mp3car 7" transflective integrated VW bezel

    I've finally got a job thats solid and makign enough money to spend some money on toys.

    I've got a double din radio space in my 2002 VW Passat 2.8 V6 B5.5 AHA/ATQ. I've purhchased an empty bybyte 2nd gen case and it fits in the radio cage perfectly. However i want to get the custom bezel here with the Transflective screen already bolted on from mp3car.

    I'd like to know if anyone has any tips on fusing the two together. The radio bezel doesn't quite fit around the front of the Bybyte case because of the slightly taller monitor bezel glued onto it.

    1. Does anyone have a recomendation as to the best snug fit?
    2. Should i modify the custom VW bezel insides to fit around the byte with a dremel?
    3. If not 2, should I instead dremel off the front bezel of the Bybyte case where the monitor would go in it and just screw on the on 7" transfelctive custom fit bezel. I've tested this with an empty bezel and empty bybte case and it would work but im not sure about it being solid or the best option.

    unrelated to this post, if anyone has any votes up or down for the either of the internal amplifiers that fit inside the Bybyte case, I'd love to hear them

    Any opinions, recommendations or anything else helpful has my sincere thanks.

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    hmm just found the Bybyte black box development kit.. That might be exactly what i need. I'll just use that and not attach the front bezel they include and bolt on my mp3-car fit bezel with the already bolted on transflective screen. I think that would work well.

    If anyone has any thoughts either way i appreciate in advance any thoughts you may have.


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      Get the monitor from a place that's already taken it out of the bezel and moved the IR sensor ( That's what I did and it went into the BBN2 very easily.


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        But the reason for using the custom bezel is because it fits snug and perfect in my radio cage/dash and looks factory. If i just put the monitor into the bybyte case, the front of the bybyte case where the monitor goes is to tall to fit snug into the bezel. If you look at the Bybyte frame its the lcd bezel on it sticking out about 1/8 inch from the top and bottom when viewing the front that makes it just too big to fit in the bezel.

        Thats why i'd rather buy it already bolted onto the bezel and then i can bolt the bezel/monitor single piece onto the Bybte frame.

        In addition i've read that disassembling and putting back together a transflective monitor is iffy.