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Lilliput 629 broke glass

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  • Lilliput 629 broke glass

    Hey folks,

    Thankfully this isn't my newest hardware, but still a massive headache.

    The glass on my 629 has broken in the corner.

    I believe that this glass is part of the touch panel. If so, is this going to be a straight forward fix? Meaning, remove old panel add new panel?

    Thoughts? tft_lcd?
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    About as straight forward as they come.

    Open monitor, remove LCD/touch screen assembly.

    If the touch panel is taped on the outside edges, remove tape then the touch screen.

    If the touch panel is attached to the LCD via DS tape, use a thin knife or razor blade (make sure it is sharp and slice AWAY from you) and slice apart the TP from the LCD.
    Don't let the tip of the knife/razor go past the bezel. You might nick the LCD surface.

    Once the panel is off, remove the tap from the bezlel, then wipe with an alcohol pad. Do not get any alcohol on the LCD surface!!

    Apply the included new tape from the panel kit you get from me (at a great price btw ) to the bezel.
    Remove tape backer, make sure the LCD surface is clean and free of debris, dust, lint, etc. and apply new TP to the LCD.

    Reverse dis-assembly procedure, test unit, calibrate, enjoy!