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    i was wondering if theres much community forums around the new
    LCD panel kits like NYTouch sells etc.
    the ones that offer controller and inverter etc to use the display from your deceased laptop etc.
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    I would be interested too. I have several old Android tablets with 1.6 and 2.1 that have capacitive touchscreens that look great, but have limited usefulness unless I can harvest useage as a monitor.

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      Almost always cheaper to buy a new screen and controller. Finding a mating controller to a random screen is pretty difficult. Especially if it is a garbage pull and you don't have a datasheet or anything.
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        Getting the LCD to work most likely won't be a problem. The touch screen on the other hand will be.

        Tablets use I2C interface for the touch screen. Each manufacturer uses a different pin-out/setup/chip-set/etc with the touch screen controller.

        There is no magic bullet as far as integrating the I2C touch to a PC. Ya, I know people will say "but I saw an I2C to USB adapter on ebay. Can't I use that?"
        Short answer, NO. Long answer, OH HELL NO!

        My point is if you want to get the LCDs going on a PC w/a controller kit don't let others who don't know discourage you. There is plenty of LCD panel information out there, datasheets, pinouts, etc
        And, you would be surprised if you knew how many small, tablet type LCD panels have the same pinout/connector.


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          I stumbled across an ebay seller of controllers once, NYCTFT or similar, but cannot find it lately.

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