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  • Factory screen overlay

    Does anyone know of a thin overlay that I can put on the factory nav screen that will allow me to use it as my touch screen for my computer and still have use of it or the factory touch stuff? I could have sworn I've seen this before, but I can't find it now.

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    Do you have your PC displaying on this screen now?

    From what you are saying it sounds like you are currently able to view your computer screen in some mode on your display but you want to add touch to it?

    I am assuming you are asking if you can put another touch screen on top of the one already there?

    Should be doable but might make it harder to make your original screen to work since you are placing another level of plastic on top of it.

    If it is capacitive I don't think there is an issue.


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      Not possible. You can't place one touch screen on top of another and expect them to work.

      Touch screens, Capacitive or otherwise are not pass-through. The touch will not go through to a 2nd touch panel.

      Only option is to use one touch screen to control both the factory nav and your PC.

      And, unless you have all of the wiring and technical data for your factory display/touch I doubt you could even pull this off.