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small wide aspect LCD?

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  • small wide aspect LCD?

    Hey guys, just found this board and have really enjoyed reading through the archives. There's a heckuvalotta information here!

    I've started looking for the perfect sized LCD for my project and everything I've found so far seems too large for my console. I want the car to still look stock so hanging a xenarc just anywhere won't do it for me unfortunately. I guess my goal is to add an mp3 and a navigation system and integrate it in a way that it looks like it came from the factory that way. Which means I've only got one spot to put it (stereo and A/C controls must stay). Attached is a pic of what the console in my '92 corvette looks like. You can see the black rectangle above the A/C controls that's just begging to have a wide aspect LCD put in It's the driver information console with about 15 LEDs lighting up to tell you thinks like low oil, abs active, and other warnings. I hope to have those LECs eventually shown as software alerts. Here are the demensions of that rectangle:

    5" x 2.5" (W x H) 5.5" diagonal

    and since most of the LCD specs are in metric:

    130mm x 65mm (W x H) 135mm diagonal

    Anyone know of a display (composite or VGA) that might fit? Anyone out there make custom size displays? It doesn't have to fit exactly, but the best 16:9 aspect LCD I could find was a 5.8" and that's just a bit too big. I think I can do smaller than 5.5" but not bigger.

    thanks!!! Looking forward to being part of this great board!
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    give it up man, you are going to have to cut something
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      You can always put it in your visor.


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        heh heh, you can fit a pocket pc.