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looking for some direction, on a 7" remote touch screen to use with galaxy S4

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  • looking for some direction, on a 7" remote touch screen to use with galaxy S4

    looking for some direction/input on trying to accomplish the following.
    I want to flush mount a 7" to 8" touch screen in my car which will allow me to control/mirror my samsung galaxy S4. I currently use the s4 daily for navigation & to stream music using spotify, but would love if I could display the navigation on a larger screen (7" to 8") which i plan to flush mount in the dash. If i could also control/use spotify from this same 7" to 8" touch screlen that would be an added bonus.

    From searching i can only find stuff on mirroring the s4 display on a TV, but not a touch screen.

    I do have a kindle fire hd which i won a while back and never use, not sure if it could be used as the touch screen for what i am trying to accomplish, if not I have no problem buying a screen.

    Any input/suggestions would be appreciated


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    I believe unless there is something that will work through the wireless samsung screen sharing protocol you will likely need to try a powered USB hub and a USB touch screen like a MiMo:

    You will also need to use a USB adapter cable to give your phone a USB port such as this:

    This will let you hook the USB hub to your phone. Your phone can not power a device such as the MiMo so you need the powered hub to accomplish this.
    The store here has a decent one for in car use:

    But you can use a cheap generic one to make sure you can get it to work with your phone. There is no guarentee that you can use an external screen like this with your phone and Samsung won't tell you but the mimo is cheap enough to give it a try and see what happens. If it works then great. The only issue you MAY have is your USB port is used to also power your phone which will not be available for charging with this setup. You may also want to look into a wireless charger for your phone assuming this setup works for you to allow your phone to remain fully charged.

    It SHOULD work as long as your phone can see the MiMo as an external screen and go from there.

    Another option you may have if this does not work...
    Get the Samsung Smart Dock Multi Media hub. This will allow you to have an HDMI output, audio out, 2 USB ports. You could then use the HDMI port and hook that to a monitor and the touch screen USB interface to one of the USB ports.
    Using a dock in a vehicle might be difficult but you could atleast see if this works and then look for a similar option that would work in your vehicle.



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      another option would be the mimics module but idk what the status is with that project. another option is ARLiberator and third option would be something like teamviewer (but then you'd need a wifi network in the vehicle.


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        I would not suggest a mimic to anyone... The guy selling them is a character. Some people order and get them right away and others seem to linger for months and complain publicly before he does anything. Just think its not worth the gamble.


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          yeah that was kind of what i was alluding to since i have no direct personal experience with the seller.


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            I appreciate the replies but I think at this point for what I plan on using it for (navigation & streaming music) I am going to go the tablet route.
            I rather spend my time fabricating a flush mount in the dash for the tablet with a side slot so I could easly remove it, and use it besides in the car
            Leaning towards the galaxy tab 3 8" in black when it comes out. 7" would be fine if it was the car only but since I plan to use it outside as well I prefer the 8"
            I dont understand how they have them available in gold brown but not black????

            for data I can teather to my galaxy, and use blu tooth for connecting to factory audio system (u-connect) which is how I use it now with the s4

            I hope in time the screen mirroring works with the tab as well, from what I read it seems to work with tv s only and off brands need a dongle.

            Any recommendations on what to use as far as teathering goes, this android stuff is all new to me since im coming from an iphone?

            Thanks again

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