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Shark SHK1040 touchscreen use with backup camera

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  • Shark SHK1040 touchscreen use with backup camera

    I am trying to figure out what kind of monitor to put into my 2014 F350 project.

    I saw the SHARK SHK1040 for sale in a number of places for around $160, and I have more than enough room to install it.

    The descriptions say it has both VGA and also composite video inputs.

    I really need a monitor that can double as a backup camera display.

    My question is, can this monitor be made to auto-switch when the backup camera sends it video on the composite input?

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    How big is the shark?I have a 10.1 multitouch total price was $130 looks great and has auto reverse.


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      Here is the one I was looking at. It doesnt appear to be a "multi-touch"

      Camo.b, which one are you using and where did you find it for $130?


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        Ill grab the links for you...


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          Lcd link.....
          And lcd controller link.....
          You want to tell chinatobby what the model number of the lcd and your good to go...the lcd lvds connector will need the usb cable soldered to it on the lcd connector ,its quite small and tricky but do able with a fine tip iron...let me know if you go this way and i will dig out the pinnout photos and specs for you....i can tell you if you have the room this setup is could be a tad brighter and the screen is a high gloss but i dont think you will find any better ones...


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            Also you have a new truck go the multitouch capacative......soooo much better to with windows 8 and looks amazing with the ips screen,veiwing angles are amazing.