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will constant image damage LCD screens like CRT screens?

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  • will constant image damage LCD screens like CRT screens?

    I haven't seen a thread on this subject. Here's the thing. Sometimes I left my CarPC on overnight to do some extra large file transfers 5GB-10GB via 802.11b at 3mbps. When I leave my system on overnight, the Xenarc screen also stays on. I'm wondering if having a constant image on a LCD screen will damage the screen like the CRT screens. I don't want my Xenarc to have a permanent imprint of windows explorer.
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    yes overtime, yes
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      our gateway LCDs in our computer lab have the close window, maximize /unmaximize and minimize buttons "burned" onto them.......

      so be weary


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        I think it takes a lot longer than a CRT, but I have seen LCDs "burned" also.


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          Ive seen burnt image on compaq TFT500, but normally disappear after a few days.

          I have an old IBM 18 in TFT with a permanently burnt "File Edit" and "Back" image on the top left corner.


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            It takes more time, but I guess eventually...

            A screensaver would fix that fine.