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seeking a display for raspberry pi project

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  • seeking a display for raspberry pi project

    looking for info on a display to use for my raspberry pi project. the room i have is 9 1/2" by 10 1/4" to play with so a 10.4 seems like it would be a great fit. been looking on several online electronic stores like mouser and ect... and found several options to make my own display but is it practical? seeing the Shark 1040 @ $150 on amazon seems like a no brainer to go with that. my question is (just thought of this idea the other day) this the normal price of this display or is going to skyrocket back up after this weekend? and/or are there other options to fit this price range with the specs of the shark 1040? i wouldnt mind spending a extra 50-80 extra for equiv. or better.