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Laptop + China Android Tablet Screen

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  • Laptop + China Android Tablet Screen

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this so I need some advice from you guys .

    I just bought a new car and have decided to mod out the stereo with a carputer, now based on what I've read so far there's a steer away from carputers and a move toward tablets, but this doesn't suit me as I have some specific software that I would like to run so let's not get off topic of why I shouldn't .

    Okay so enough of the wall of text.

    What I currently have is:
    • 13.3" Dell Laptop that has VGA out.
    • Ainol Novo7 1280x800 7" Crystal Android Chinese tablet.

    So my question is it possible to strip the screen and digitizer from the tablet and somehow use them both via a VGA driver/USB driver to the guts of the Laptop?

    If this is possible is someone able to point me in the right direction to the hardware I would need to get this setup?

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    Your best bet is to buy a touch screen monitor to use with your laptop and I would get high brightness and 5 wire resistive touch. I have no use for an android tablet, It's like taking 5 steps backwards at the moment. The car pc market has at least 5 viable front-ends lots of hardware support i.e. radios/TPMS/OBD2/parking sensors/steering wheel control/input/output devices. Do the power switch mod on your laptop get monitor and a dc power supply and your all set. My opinions only Good luck SNO


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      I don't think its gonna be possible to run the tab screen with the laptop guts.

      you will be better off to either buy a lilliput screen or check in china for an el cheapo vga touchscreen

      edit: lol you were a little faster sno :P
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        Thanks for the responses guys and yeah that's pretty much what I thought, I was just hoping that I would be able to save the $$$ seeing as I have most of the hardware anyway, wouldn't be a bad idea if someone wanted to create the PCB's and write the drivers but I just wonder if there would be enough of a demand for it or not.

        Thanks for the advice, I guess I'll start looking in to external monitors .