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VGA Screen.. (700YYV)

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  • VGA Screen.. (700YYV)

    I'm now looking at this screen (as opposed to a composite input one)

    It looks mint, and has touchscreen so making me not need a trackball or keyboard (with OSK) now at all..

    One question, is it detachable? I'd want to remove it at night and when I park - and if it is, how long would it take to remove?

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    No, it is not easily removable;

    The mechanical mount is relative easy (it uses a screwlock, the same as is used for photo & video cameras), but the signal connector (vga, composite & touch serial, all in one) is very fragile and absolutely not meant for frequent connect/disconnects.

    A midway alternative is to unscrew the display and put it under the chair, with the cables still connected...

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      hmm, I wanted to take the main screen out ideally and just leave the stand and wires..

      Arwell.. it just seems quite expensive to leave on show.. hehe.