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xenarc white screen of death

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  • xenarc white screen of death

    I've searched quite a few posts regarding this issue, it would work for awhile but just, when it gets hot, would randomly start to flicker white, then shut off when it wants..
    Lots of posts talk about the ribbon cable, or in fact a bad controller, but my issue was none of these.
    I purchased a 702TSV from mp3car, took it apart many times, its real easy to see fine scratch marks on the screen after a few uses. The reason I took it apart was to fix this very issue, and for over 2 years it is great.
    I took the touch panel and applied an ipad screen protector and cut off the edges. (be sure to use smooth ones, not the rubbing ones (kinda sucks to drag and drop stuff LOL))
    Anyways, back to the white screen issue.
    I always thought it was the heat, when its really warm is when it happens. So i unscrewed the back panel, cut out a huge 120mm fan opening and put a nuctua fan and grill behind. Man its soo quiet and cools really great the internal parts of the LCD
    I've been having my dash apart for a few weeks because the issue is soo intermittant, i dont feel like putting it all back together to rip it all apart.
    anyways, alot of people say its the ribbon, and for the people who tried, the next suggestion was a bad controller. Now, I dont know what the design build of your xenarcs are, but for mine (702TSV) there is only one ribbon, and the CCFL pink/white wire. It is kind of hard to notice at first glance, but, the issue was, not the ribbon, not the controller, but the ccfl cable itself. The wires seem to be nested right next to a flat plastic leading them to go upwards, and when you mount the final pcb on top, it actually pinched the wire against a few transistors on the monitor connector. Now, the fix, be careful when bending any wires attached to the lcd, not that i screwed up, but hey, for you others reading here! the ccfl wires from the side frame of the LCD upwards of the dead end plastic, i bent it carefully upwards 90 degrees and then back outwards when there was a plastic opening available, and secured it with tape on the side to hold it before mounting the pcb, its really hard to put the pcb back as the wire simply wont stay put. make sure the wire is a little loose after mounting the pcb, that means theres no more pinching! I also put loom around the ccfl wire since it goes OVER the connector solder points as well as theres a panel screw on back cover thats right next to it, this time i know it wont happen again

    So for anyone who has the xenarc white screen of death, check your one (or two) ribbon cables on xenarc, AND your CCFL wire is not pinched, before requesting repair from xenarc.
    Also put in a noctua 120mm fan in back since its in-dash, you WONT see it nor will you HEAR it, and power it from your car's voltage (Ignition, or relay), those xenarcs get hot! but mine been running cooler, even with the heater on.
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    I don't have one but thank you on behalf of all that do for posting this. I'm sure it will save some people a ton of grief!! Glad you got it working.
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