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LCD doesnt pick up signal

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  • LCD doesnt pick up signal

    i searched, found some old posts, but all the links are broken so i cant view the info.

    i finally started this project. i got the computer built already, its 650mhz 30g 512mb, DVD, Network card, ati 7000 VE graphic card ( i am not sure though).

    right now i am running into one problem. when i turn the pc on, the LCD i got from digitalww (TM701L) doesnt pick up any video signal from my computer, when i run PS2, the screen ran just fine, even though i tried GT3 on the screen, the picture was off center, play movie was fine though.

    i was wondering if any of you can give me some ideas of why it doesnt pick up any signal or what can i do to make it work. I suck at electronic stuff, please explain in simpler terms

    Thank you very much for your time, appreciate that.

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    1) Do you have a 75 Ohm cable?
    ATI cards a picky about cables sometimes.

    2) Does it display text at boot-up?
    ATI cards enable TV-out on boot.

    3) Do you have the most resent drivers from ATI?
    Standard windows drivers have problems with TV-out

    4) Have you tried to force TV-out?
    Look in the display settings. It is one of the tabs with the ATI logo.

    It is one or more of those four problems. Been discussed many times before.

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      Have you tried it on another screen or TV? That's what I'd try first.

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        thanks for the replies. i used laptop on the tm701l, it worked but quarlity was really crappy. i tried powerstrip, couldnt get the laptop to fullfil the screen, what happens is once i expand vertical or horizontally, screen will turn white, i hit Esc key it will go back to normal. there were black borders on tm701. its a laptop so i didnt expect the graphic card to be very good.

        i tried the carputer i built on a computer monitor and it worked find. after reading some posts, i am going to try use a monitor first then send the screen to tm701, then take the monitor off and see if that works.

        also read that putting a 75ohm resistor might help, but i have no idea how to solder the resistor into the rca cable, went to radioshack yesterday, and there were 1/4 watt, 1/2 watt, 1 watt, which one should i get? how do i solder it in?

        Thank you guys so much, this is by far the best place to learn about electric stuff.