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  • Center console mounted monitor experiences

    Has anyone done a center console mounted monitor?

    My new F350 has bucket seats and no console between them (I special ordered it that way) so there is a ton of room for a custom console with a fairly large monitor in it.

    Wondering about things like coffee spills and such.

    Has anyone done this and what experiences did you have?

    What did you like about it, what did you hate about it?

    How big of a monitor (and what type) did you put in there?

    Pictures to stimulate the idea switch would be appreciated.


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    I would check out phils worklog, he made his own console and a fine job at that I think his monitor is in there along with everything else. here is the link SNO


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      Seeing as how is is an older version of the same truck I have, I have been following Phil's worklog with great interest. He is doing an awesome job. In fact, it is part of my inspiration to put most or all of my equipment in that location, and I ordered this truck with no center console after looking at Phil's thread.

      Phil mounted his monitor in the dash in front of the console (where the factory radio was) where it should be safe from coffee. For what it's worth, the dash size limits the monitor size quite a bit. A console mounted monitor I think can get a lot bigger.

      He DID mount his CB radio and his FM tuner in front of the coffee cup holder though. In my previous truck I had two VHF radios and a CB mounted on the floor below the coffee cub holder and they took quite a beating from spilled coffee. The CB (a high end Export model) eventually stopped working, possibly due to the coffee spills.

      I believe Phil is almost ready to drive his truck for the first time since he started his project... I will certainly continue to follow that worklog as I work on mine, and will be asking him about coffee issues once I see he is back "on the road". These trucks ride a bit rough, so when one hits a bump, well, you feel it a bit ;-)


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        Rickk, thank you for the kind words on my build. Regarding a monitor in the console, I think the biggest issue with that will be daytime glare due to the angle. That unit in my console is not a head unit (I don't have one) , it's the controller for the Alpine processor & it's display washes out in the sunlight due to the angle it's on in the console. I think a monitor would be worse.

        Regarding coffee, I am using the factory cup holders cut away from the middle seat and they work great. The CB & Processor are on enough of an angle & far enough away that they never sustained coffee stains. The truck got a ton of km's on it with these holders when I had it installed the first time unfinished and no issue. I'm not sure what your wheelbase is but mine is 172" and the coffee is not really a problem on the highway, local roads full of holes,...can be a different story.

        As far as putting a monitor larger than 8" in the dash, it can be least on the older dashes (99-07)

        It was done here:

        This will likely be my next step. I'm just not sure where my HVAC controls can go now with the console in the way.
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          my buddy has a new lincoln with the monitor located at an up angle in the center console/dash hybrid thing they have going on. he says that at times the sun washes the screen out completely. if i were going that route i'd look into the pixel qi screen.

          on this link there is a photo in direct sunlight:

          another possible solution is to mount the screen so that it can rotate up (with a servo or lead screw). that would solve glare issues

          if you're going to mount it in portrait mode then you'll have to be very conscious of what front end you are going to use. not sure which ones will be able to orient themselves that way.
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