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Monitor picture frustrations make me go ARG!

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  • Monitor picture frustrations make me go ARG!

    OK so I have looked at a bunch of monitors...I have been researching a bunch and what is frustring me is I find a monitor that says its Touchscreen but I don't see the USb port anywhere on them. So I am going to do this...I need help finding a decent monitor. Nothing super fancy...I am not going to do movies on it...All this will do its be my interface to the computer in the front 2 seats. I would like the colors to be true, sunlight readable would be nice but from my grasp on things they are all out of my range. I am looking to spend no more than 200...would like closer to 150.

    I know this is probably one of the most common questions on here...

    With or without a frame is also fine.

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    One I have looked at it this - - looks like a simple enough of a monitor to set up and hook to the battery.


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      I would spend the extra money and get this one then I have this in my truck and it works great, the 5 wire makes a big difference in touch accuracy compared to the 4 wire models and this is also high brightness, not true sunlight readable but very good for the money compared to the true sunlight ones. Hope this helps SNO