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Disassemble a Dell Venue 8 Pro to harvest it's 8" Capacitive Screen?

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  • Disassemble a Dell Venue 8 Pro to harvest it's 8" Capacitive Screen?

    We all know how difficult it is to find a bright open frame high resolution capacitive touchscreen monitor for a carpc.

    I have been thinking of buying a sacrificial Dell Venue 8 Pro for it's 8" Capacitive Screen. They have an 8.0 inch IPS Display with HD (WXGA 1280 x 800) resolution with 10-pt capacitive touch, and obviously are window 8.1 compatible, but everything is all on a tiny single motherboard.

    Motherboard Pic

    Would like to find a Chinatobby type screen driver and USB touchscreen interface for this device.

    Half Empty Naysayers aside, I wonder what Half Full members think about feasibility of such a project?

    These tablets can be found for $200 used, which is what we pay for a touchscreen alone, and are bright and readable. They will be showing up in droves on ebay after the holidays when gift recipients discover Windows based tablets suck to type on.

  • #2 seems to be the right lcd/touchscreen
    Fire off a email to kevin from chinatobby see what he knows.The board we both have is lvds and ttl (flat flexi cable with lock clip).i just watched a teardown of that model...seems to have what looks like a ttl connection on the first one he disconnects could be the second one to as ive seen those dual cables sure they are still ttl.... the third looks small,one could hope its the touch interface cable and just usb.....touch interface i believe is just i2c or usb...if it is i2c,usb adapters are available..if usb well just drivers are sure dell has them...your jetway board might have some useable pins on it to as windows supports the i2c interface

    .need a part number for the lcd i suppose before you contact kevin...last boards i got from him he modded a bit to suit me....seemed happy to do so


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      I did not realize you can buy just the screen and touchpanel part. Great find!

      In itself, there are some nice screens available from Chinatobby, but they don't offer the Capacitive Touch panel. Nobody seems to offer them in the 8 inch size, what I want for my car.

      The resistive panels work just fine, but are somewhat opaque and wash out too easy in daylight. The capacitive panels transmit more light and I like the shiny surface better because it don't wash out until the sun hits it just right, so moving your head just a bit and you can read the screen again.

      The Dell screen is supposed to be 377 LUX with the auto brightness turned off, which makes it one of the brighter 8" screens. Now to find the part number...


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        I did notice in my search for a 8"panal that most had a low lux/nit rating must say my 10.1 is rated at 360 and could be brighter but overall its so much nicer....just keep the screen wipes in the car.


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          I wonder if the small connector is the webcam....


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            I wish I could fit a 10" screen, but it's just a bit wider than my dash opening without irreversable modifications, and being an 2SS, matching replacement dash parts are not available unless they show up at the junkyard. I have to make all my mods fit in either after market or generic Camaro dash components. I measured a 9" Chinatobby screen that I might be able to fit, but resolution and brightness is lower than an 8" screen, with the 7" screens being the brightest of these sizes.

            So far, this Dell unit has the best 8" capacitive screen I have seen, for reasonable cost. The problem is most automotive use screens are 7" not 8".


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              The link in the 2nd post lists the Dell part# for the screen. Five digit alpha-numeric part # indicates a "warranty" part number at Dell. In this case, it's dp/n: MF47K.
              Here is the screen for $75 but out of stock:

              What about the Dell Venue 8 Android? It's $179 brand new:

              Which means you can find it used for much less.
              Harvest the screen and then flip the remainder on eBay as parts-only.

              I'm looking at this idea now. Thinking about detaching the screen and extending the cables, then putting the carcus under a seat until I can afford a nice CarPC. I'll only ever want Android though. Since I have Android phones, it would make things easy for me. Plus I already paid for lots of nice $ apps on the Play Store that I could probably use on both.


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                I would make it easy on myself and use the windows dell as the multitouch drivers for the screen would be downloadable straight from dell.


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                  I second the Dell Multitouch drivers as being the driving force for windows based applications. So far multitouch capacitive has been the holy grail for windows based carpc's, and few have achieved it, with those closer having 2 finger capacitive touch.


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                    I keep thinking about this idea...that dell is selling down here at about the $300 mark...if i could spend the cash without the wife noticing (house finance deposit almost saved) i would grab one...any other keen members?


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                      Dell Venue 8 pro's screen is a little wider than the double din and you might have to modify the bezel to fit it right.

                      Rray - if you want to try the size I can bring mine and we can check if the screen would fit in your car. Also, I have a spare capacitive touch screen from some broken NVidia tablet. Though I need to check the size, but if that works for you - pick it up from me, I am not using it.

                      About the drivers, I have all the driver for 32 bit. I am not sure if you would find venue 8 pro 64 bit


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                        Thats something I did not think of... 64 bit drivers. I need to have 64 bit to address 8GB RAM. I have been trying to recover from this cold/flu/cough for 3 weeks now so have not worked on my carpc project lately, but I finally feel better now. Still I'm curious how the Dell screen might fit.

                        Have you started on your project yet Pkaush?


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                          rray you could go with server 2003 ee 32bit and convert to workstation, add the /pae switch and see 8 gig ram on 32bit system. It works great and is smokin fast on pretty well any system. Just a thought SNO
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                            Well, Office work, cold/cough have been keeping me busy too. I got dash bezel for my car and realized that I need to either use the tablet in the lower resolution so that the display fits the double din size or I need to modify the bezel.

                            Right now, I am working on building a docking station for the same - to connect usb devices (including usb gps) and other stuff.

                            I keep getting weird ideas on how to place the tablet in place, like add few hinges and a lock on the bezel so that I could open it and take the tablet out and put that back in without removing everything. It would come in handy, I could, may be, set the trips, select the routes while inside the home and come back and plug it in the car and start navigation, it will be easy to do some maintenance like install and uninstall the software. Well you get the idea, I don't need to be sitting in the car all the time to fix things in carpc.

                            Another idea I keep thinking of is somehow molding the surface pro or dell venue 11 docking station in bezel, so I can integrate the entire stuff in the car with the docking stating and the actual tablet can be plugged in and plugged out easily. Lets see how much time I get and which one I get on to.

                            Rray - if you are planning to just get the display out of the tablet then, may be, you could consider pasting it over the bezel. It is very light weight, lean and nice looking. All the wires will go through the opening in bezel. And if this looks like a feasible solution that you might be able to go with the bigger screen.

                            For drivers, we might need to check if the default Windows drivers would work on for the display. Let Google it some more.


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                              Single touch should work as its probably a hid/native windows...multitouch ?? Does windows have native drivers yet for multitouch say under windows 8

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