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Dead TM-701L! Please Help!

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  • Dead TM-701L! Please Help!

    Okay, I just got the in-dash TM-701L screen off ebay. I connected the power to charged car battery and the Video to my computer, but nothing happens. And I mean nothing! No sound, no light, not even a flicker or vibration.

    I opened it up and tested for continuity from the power leads that connect to the battery to the power connect for the LCD (pink and white wires). The last component power must pass through before reaching the LCD connector is a small square chip (I have it circled in the attached picture). I found that no signal (no continuity) passes through this chip. Of course I have no idea what the chip is or does so I don't know if this is the proper behavior or if I actually found the bad component. If it is bad, I can't replace it without knowing what it is.

    Someone please help. I'm going nuts trying to figure out what's wrong with this thing!
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    I guess this is just a capactor (although it doesn't really look like one). There is always one between the inverters transformer and the CCFL connection.

    One other thing; the standing capacitor next to the crystal looks like if it's popped. Perhaps you reversed the power connection? That easily blows capacitors you know...

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      If thats the component thats gone wrong, then you might not get any backlight at all.

      But if you are getting power into the other circuit and its working fine you should be able to see a very faint display on the screen....check carefully if this is the need a very good eye for this.

      If you can see some faint display then you know your inverter circuit or your backlight is gone.

      Check the marking of this component on the PCB, if it say something like C then it is a capacitor, also check the marking on the component itself.

      A normal SMD capacitor normally have both edge filled with solder pads. The body is normally brown. So i dont think it a capacitor...but who knows.

      Check for light flashes on the screen as you connect or disconnect the power as well as any LED you can find.

      Hope the helps