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Make touch-screen work,Under Acryllic??

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  • Make touch-screen work,Under Acryllic??

    The question is as simple as it gets i am talking about the capacitive touch screen, that most tablets an phones use.... is there any way, or any "glass", that you can place above the touch-screen, and the whole thing will stay touch-able??

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    Acrylic will be too thick. What are you trying to do? MOST new screens are protected with Gorilla glass. You MIGHT be able to contact corning which produces it and get a sample of the right size. You can always add a screen protector that is compatible with a capacitive screen as well.



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      e well. i dont actually want to add is for protection, as for "the looks" . i mean : i have 7" tablet as speedometer, inside my instrument cluster.. i am planning to completly rebuilt the dashboard soon, and i want to decide, if i will replace it with a 12.8" ultra wide inch lcd, (like the tesla model s) , or if i will keep the 7" tablet...

      so, the reason i want the acrylic, is becouse, in the case i keep the 7", i want to add a "boundless" effect on it . add a 12.8" on top of the tablet, and paint black the areas around the screen, so that it "looks" like a big screen... but if i keep the tablet, i want AT LEAST to keep the touch functionality (becouse, IMO it sucks on anything else)...

      but i dont see it happening, so i think i will go down the 12.8" road, which i anyway like better :P


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        If you are good with acrylic here is an idea for you...

        Build your frame with the acrylic butted up against your screens. Build it so the combination of the screens and the acrylic frame around it is flat with few imperfections. (You could build up any holes with plastic filler material of your choice.)

        After this you could do one of two things...

        Get some clear plastic sheeting that is big enough to cover your whole piece but is compatible with your screens touch screen. Cut the film to fit and then paint the areas you want to have color. This will allow the same think you are trying to accomplish. You SHOULD be able to find bulk compatible protective sheets that can fit. You will want to make sure both of your screens are either resistive or capacitive for this to work.

        The other idea is to use conventional dark window tint and cut out the area for the screens and leave the dark color covering all of your surrounding acrylic filler.

        If you do either of these you may want to paint your filler/framework black as well so it darkens the look.



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          naiccccc!! this idea sounds like the best option!! and yes, it will have the same effect i desire!! thanks allot!!


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            You also have the option of using a Projected-capacitive screen. These screens are often used in outdoor settings and covered with vandal resistant glass.