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Liliput 7" LED Capacitive "tablet style" screen? 779gl-70np-c-t

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  • Liliput 7" LED Capacitive "tablet style" screen? 779gl-70np-c-t

    Has anyone seen this yet? It appears to be a LED, Auto-Dimming, 7" Multi-Touch "Tablet Style" (Screen-Bezel Combined) style screen. I'm waiting on confirmation that there is no bulky bezel interfering with touch though.

    Display Screen: 7" LED backlit, 16:9

    Resolution:800 x 480, 8bit, suport up to 1920 x 1080

    Touch Panel: Capacitive Touch (optional for model 779GL-70NP/C/T)

    Contrast Ratio: 500:1

    Brightness: 400cd/㎡

    Viewing Angle: 140/120(H/V)

    Input Signal: HDMI, VGA, AV, DVI(optional)

    I/O port: 1

    Input Voltage: DC 7-36V

    Dimension(LWD) 185118.529.5 mm

    Click image for larger version

Name:	81xd+nvpnXL._SL1500_.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	81YDZtN2DDL._SL1500_.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	81KYTsFSdOL._SL1500_.jpg
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    MoSoCo has it! $229

    NewEgg has it! $219
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    Looks real nice! Good find thanks for sharing. Keep us updated SNO


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      Well, I bit the bullet and bought one. My screen (Lilput 669 HB) has been going funky on me, so I figured I would take the risk. I wanted to go capacitive again, (I used to have the 669 with the Capacitive single touch mod and loved it) but I couldn't justify the 400 the "other" company wanted. At a little under 1/2 the cost, I'm excited. I'm getting it next day delivered, so I should have some more information for you guys Monday/Tuesday!

      If I hear back from the manufacturer about the bezel, Ill post their response.


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        Looks nice.someone asked me the other day about somthing just like this..ill point them here.


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          Hardware Review: LILLIPUT 7" 779-70NP/C/T Capacitive multi-Touch w/ Lux auto dim

          This review is written in the style of Sonicxtacy02, in a attempt to keep formatting similar.

          Hardware Review: LILLIPUT 7" 779-70NP/C/T Capacitive multi-Touch screen with Lux auto brightness + Auto Switching

          What is it?

          The LILLIPUT 7" 779-70NP/C/T is a 7 Inch capacitive touchscreen with integrated bezel and auto brightness, a first from Liliput.

          The Verdict:

          Great deal for the price! Better than anything on the market (IMHO). There are really two contenders in the car pc touch screen market the Xenarc 700CSH, and LILLIPUT 7" 779-70NP/C/T. These screens capacitive input puts them in a class all their own. With a seamless bezel, the liliput pulls ahead slightly in the game. Having owned both resistive and capacitive touchscreen devices, I can say the color on this monitor is much more vivid than the resistive models. Liluput may have beaten Xerarc at their own game here in the price cost, but you suffer a lower native screen resolution.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	2014-05-19 19.36.34.jpg
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          What's with the box?
          This box has a premium OEM feel. Its made of thick cardboard with a gloss finish and handle. The box also features a magnetic closure, making this a rather nice box for repurposing later down the road.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	2014-05-19 19.41.37.jpg
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          What’s in the box?

          The Liliput box comes with the touchscreen monitor, wall and car chargers, 2 Composite (1 with audio) 3-in-1 Cable, VGA Cable, HDMI cable and, of course, the generic run of the mill stand.


          Being a hobbyist and not a blogger, I cant compare this to many other monitors and I dont stay up on the "now" of offerings so this will probably be a bit more general then most reviews. The 779-70NP shares a slightly smaller dimension then my HB 669, although a bit further.

          Liliput seems to have upped the ante a bit with some minor but nice improvements. For starters they now offer the option for "Auto Dimming" with front mounted sensor, the traditional buttons have been moved off the front to the side and settings are changes with a scroll wheel. The menu has also received an overhaul, attached is the "VGA Menu".

          Click image for larger version

Name:	2014-05-19 19.48.08.jpg
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          Testing the screen resolution in windows 7 the lowes I was able to take the monitor was 800x600, and the highest was 1920 x 1440, the later of which was cool, but everything was so tiny you could not read anything presented on screen. Colors seem simular to hose presented on my laptop, however, you do get the "wet screen" look if you get rather close to the screen.
          Brightness seems adequate for the monitor, and auto dimming seems to work well. I will report over the next few days as to how is handles direct and indirect sunlight.

          Auto Dimming:
          Auto dimming is set via the menu and has a On/Off setting, response appears adequate and quick. This is a welcome addition to the liliput line and brings it up to par with some other monitors.

          Bezel and Touch Response:
          A first for our market: a integrated bezel!no more cramming a finger in the corner to close the window. A very welcome and needed update, modernising the use and appearance of of the screen.
          I remember reading somewhere that this supports 10 point touch, I could only get 5 working at a time, testing via M$ paint. Screen has a hollow tap noise when clicked. Device has decent horizontal viewing angles but less than ideal vertical viewing angle.

          The Positive:

          • The best display quality for the price point, and I would dare say all around thanks to the integrated bezel.
          • Auto Dimming
          • Clean "OEM" look with buttons off the face
          • Remote

          The Negative:

          • Hollow touch sound
          • Display appears sunk in if you look hard enough.
          • No DVI/HDMI Adapter
          • Fingerprints.


          Newegg: $219

          I will try and get some more comparison pictures, and get a better impression of the device overall, but as for now, I say BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT.
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            Two crappy installation photos:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	2014-05-19 21.03.24.jpg
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	2014-05-19 21.10.16.jpg
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              From the photos, with direct sunlight I doubt it can be shown....


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                Sunlight readability:

                The issue with this device seems to be glare. If you have ever used a phone or tablet and gotten a horrible screen glare, Image that. In the brief moments driving home in direct sunlight, I was still able to read the screen, witch is an improvement, as it does not wash out like traditional touch screens. The ambient light sensor seemed to react quickly and brought the brightness up, witch I think helped a good bit. I am working with a company in NJ to get one custom cut for the monitor. Right now I am looking to do one slightly larger then the LCD, but not the size of the entire bezel.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	2014-05-20 15.30.15.jpg
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                Click image for larger version

Name:	2014-05-20 15.31.22.jpg
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                Click image for larger version

Name:	2014-05-20 15.31.41.jpg
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                  Mine is a bit like that..but thats cap screens for you...the nights and a most of the day make the cap screen really beautiful..sunglare is just somthing to deal with occasionally.


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                    looks nice.
                    surprisingly inexpensive. I wish I had the money for one!
                    What is it like with Windows 8.1?


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                      Originally posted by xlr8 View Post
                      looks nice.
                      surprisingly inexpensive. I wish I had the money for one!
                      What is it like with Windows 8.1?
                      Like I said, my issue was my 669 was on the way out. It would loose power, or come up "No signal" when there was an image on screen and powered on. I haven't had the desire to upgrade my HU to 8.1, so I have no idea how it would look. I'm shooting to do the upgrade to w9 eventually.

                      Some updates:
                      • Auto brightness seemed a bit annoying when I payed close attention this morning, it switched brightness to frequently for me. I am going to reach out to lililput and see if there is some setting I can change to slow the response time down or something.
                      • Re-positioning the monitor seemed to help quite a bit with glare, I've seen a significant reduction my taking the screen from a ~60* mounting to ~75* we shall see how it preforms this afternoon.


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                        So it looks like the touch panel is integrated in the glass that spans the entire front of the monitor, much like a tablet.

                        This would make it impossible to remove the LCD from the housing and making a custom bezel. It also means it has a larger installation footprint.

                        Not a bad price though!


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                          Hi thank you raggedrebel92 for your review.
                          Do you aim to open this lilliput to see what is inside? If yes, could you take pictures?

                          It seems that I found a source for the capacitive touch screen.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	20140524_005922.jpg
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                          Unfortunatenly, I have issues with the touch screen

                          explaination :
                          The parcel was blocked at TNT. I gone to take the parcel.

                          I started test of the touch panel. There is a big issue on this product.

                          The touch panel do not work immediatly after USB pluged in. Drivers are well installed but it does not work at all.

                          After a lot of manipulation, touching the screen on both sides, it started to works perfectly. I can see my 5 fingers on the screen.
                          But when I unplug and plug again the USB cable, it stop working again.

                          So I manipulate it during a long time and then it start working again until I unplug USB and plug in again.

                          ==> It can't be mecanical issue because when it start working (after a long long time of manipulations) it still working very well when i move the flexible PCB.
                          ==> It can't be drivers issues because I tried on 2 different PC, one with windows 7 and the other with Windows 8.1. The symptoms are exactly the same on both PC.
                          ==> For me, it seems like a firmware issue of the touch screen.

                          WHERE I BOUGHT

                          With Black frame

                          Without Black frame.

                          But right now, i advise NOT to buy these spare parts because my tests are KO, touch screen have FIRMWARE issues in this version.

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                            How many inputs could you have with the touche screen.
                            With my faulty, I could have until 5 fingers input.

                            If some one could open this Lilliput in order to see what's inside.
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                            New prototype : 2DIN AUDI OEM-LIKE CARPC based on SYMPHONY II
                            Motorized InDash Screen, Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz, SSD

                            Home Made In-Dash 7" Lilliput V1
                            Home Made In-Dash 7" Lilliput V2 = LM-Lilliput Prototype

                            First project in Peugeot 306