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2 LCDs one controls the other?!

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  • 2 LCDs one controls the other?!

    I have a micro atx using two "Transflective" LCD panel with res touch+controler " (the ones that derrek sells on ebay). I cant for the life of me figure this out: I only have the one touch screen hooked up to a usb port. However, it controls the other touch screen. Is it in the software that I need to set this up? anyone else experience this? I googled this with 0 results.

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    It sounds like you have the screens mirrored and not extended. change in your graphics card settings app or in windows display settings and extend your display. Just a thought SNO


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      I dont think they are mirrored. As one is running the gauges and the other your frontend SNO. I will close both and see when i get home today.


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        There should be an option in the setitings of your touchscreen driver where you can select on what screen your touchpanel should be working.

        What software/driver came with your touchpanel?
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          It might be as simple as swapping the order of the screens in Display properties.

          Or it could be that the touch-screen driver assumes that it's the primary screen.


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            I have one of Derrick's screens and the touchscreen acts in effect like a Mouse. I would think you need to set your video driver to span or extended screen mode, but to test this, plug in a USB mouse and see if it is able to travel over both screens.