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  • Inelmatic - DON'T BUY

    Just a fair warning to anyone interested in Inelmatic screens, their support is world class bad.

    Not only will you need to mail your screen to spain for repair, the communication is so poor, they had my screen almost 3 months and managed to charge me almost $100 to mail it back to me, and didn't give a crap about the finish on the screen wearing off. For a ~$700 monitor they SUCK!

    The issue turned out to be the proprietary cable, which they charged me $35 for, into this screen for nearly $1000 and it looks like CRAP.

    Steer clear of this company, if you are an individual buyer they don't give a crap about you.

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    thanks for the usefull info.

    it would be more usefull to the members if it could be sticky with all bad experiences from users here so other could be protect from bad online shops.
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      Did you buy the display from Inelmatic directly, or from one of their dealers?


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        Originally posted by tft_lcd_org View Post
        Did you buy the display from Inelmatic directly, or from one of their dealers?
        Purchased from a small shop locally that has since gone under.

        Another note here, second cable failure, looks like you get 1-1.5 years out of the annoying proprietary cable, F-ing JUNK!


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          Thanks for the update. This is the stuff people need to know before buying.