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Dimensions of DSCustoms Screen

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  • Dimensions of DSCustoms Screen

    Im thinking about getting this screen.

    I have a quick question about the screen for those who have it. What are the actual dimensions of the screen, not the casing? Also there is a black surround. What are the dimensions of that?

    Can you remove the screen and safely move the buttons somewhere else or is that a big pain? Im asking cause if i get this screen i would want to make it flush. I have a bezel already which i can modify for the screen instead of going through making a fiberglass one.

    Thanks for the help!
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    I'm getting one tuesday and I'm doing the same thing as you, so I'll let you know as soon as I can try it out.


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      Here's a pdf of the LCD panel that is supposed to be in the DS Customs screen:

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        I just measured my screen. Those numbers in the pdf are accurate. I haven't yet taken my apart, but I'm also planning on a custom mount.


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          Same plans

          I have the exact same plans as ou guys. Havent purchased the screen yet, but plan to very soon. Pleasr guys take pictures... if you can. i want to mount the screen flush in a double din as well.
          The only complicated part would be the bezel...
          Lets see how this goes... Please keep us updated.


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            I just placed my order today... it will be a little more interesting than a double din (darn Chrystler Jeep bezels), but should be fun. Be sure to use the link in dccustom's signature (in the forums here) to save $30 (it shows up when you check out).