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Carnetix 10.4 Touchscreen LCD Monitor ???

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  • Carnetix 10.4 Touchscreen LCD Monitor ???

    Has anyone played with the Carnetix 10.4" Touchscreen LCD monitor ?

    I just installed one (late yesterday)...

    I think I will have a few questions in a day or two if I dont figure it all out on my own soon...

    I am having problems getting my PC to recognize the USB cable for the touch screen when I plug it in (Yes, I loaded the drivers I believe).

    I am also not quite sure about some of the settings... Does it remember things when power is removed and reapplied? I am not quite sure. I seem to have to push the power button on the back to get it to come back on after I power it down and repower it up... which is sort of a pain as it is not easily accessible in my installation.

    I only have an hour or so into this...maybe I will figure it all out in another hour or two.

    I haven't found anything online about these monitors... looking for someone else who has gotten one to work well or a pointer to some online resource other than the brief instruction manual.


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    Well, my major problem has been figured out...

    I sat in the parking lot after work for a couple of hours messing with things.

    The monitor comes with several cables... including HDMI to HDMI+USB, HDMI to DVI+ USB.

    I was using the HDMI to HDMI + USB cable. The much smaller HDMI connector takes up way less room than the DVI connector does.

    Running out of options, I used the HDMI to DVI cable (I have multiple video outputs on my PC). When I the USB connector in, Windows found it and the touchscreen driver came up. Life is good now.

    I emailed to see if I can get a replacement cable however, as the HDMI cable is way easier to use in my installation.

    Now if I can figure out how to keep the monitor from shutting off every time I turn the power off I think I will be a happy guy.



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      DVI cable lasted four days before it developed a short...