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I dont know if anyone can help me with this but...

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  • I dont know if anyone can help me with this but...

    i have an SiS 315 256-bit Agp Video card/TV out and after I install it, I get the LCD to work coming off from the rca port in the back but after I shut it down and turn it back on i get a blank screen on the LCD. If anyone is familiar with these, you can chose different display modes. Well one of them was Single monitor LCD. So I tried that. And so of course the VGA doesn't work anymore since it's for the LCd and the LCD doesnt work. So all I can really do is reinstall it but it's like reinstalling it in the dark since i cant see what I;'m doing. Can anyone help me solve any of my two problems? Thanks

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    Oh yes, I'm running Windows XP if that helps


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      Why not just take out the video card, boot up, then wait a few minutes, shut off the computer, put it back in? Should reset the settings, so you should be able to see it, right?
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        The problem with TV out on many cards is that they are setup to mainly run as an auxillary or as a "mode" once you have your VGA up and running. Many ATI cards and some Nvidia's will autodetect an RCA/Svideo connection and set the primary display to TV out from boot up. But I am not to familiar with SIS.
        I would look and see if the latest PowerStrip utility lets you set the display to video out on startup with the video card. Also if you could build a script or ghosting function that could set the display to output to TV out once in windows you would be set. If you find a cheaper ATI with TV out they sure have great output and features for TV out, wish I had one


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          i had a similar problem. I fixed it by plugging my old CRT in and changing the 100hz down to 70hz, where my lcd can function properly, and plugged my lcd back in
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            I cant really tell if your card is having problems retaining settings, or just finctioning at all but -

            I have had a problem with certian res. setings on my ATI all in wonder.

            For me, It has to do with the scan rate - TV's and VGA displays run at different rates, my old monitor dosnt like the lower scan rate required by the tv, so when I enable TV out @ 800x600 the monitor shuts off. everything runs fine @ 640x480, but win xp wont run that low - So I bought a vga LCD instead.
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