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Datalux lmv10 resolution?

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  • Datalux lmv10 resolution?


    I have purchased a Datalux lmv10 LCD monitor. It doesn't seem to like any of the GeForce card I own... =) That's not the video card I am going to use... so that should not be a problem. It seems to work fine in 640x480. Has any one got it to work with 800x600? I can adjust the monitor so that it can fit horizontally but it seems to be missing the verical size controller, although I can move it around vertically. Let me know.
    Thanks in advance.
    Bye.. =)

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    nah I dont think its posible. What is going wrong with your gfx card?
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      I have two Gainward Geforce2 cards for my PCs. One of them has blank screens, and the other one doesn't seems to be able to find the right vertical sync.... Even in the console mode... =P I thought this monitor was defective until I tried on my other machine.... Despite the reports from people about notebook video output does not work with Datalux monitors, I've tried two of them and it worked.. =P


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        That lcd only supports 640x480....
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