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  • Gamecube screen

    i have bought a gamecube screen cheap to use in the front of my pc, has anyone else used one of these, i don't find the screen to be very good, it's either too dark or too bright, you only have colour and brightness control no contrast.

    if the picture works it shows the gamecube screen next to a 5.6 tft car screen, the tft is a much better picture, colour contrast.
    the gamecube screen was cheap so i don't mind taking it apart, if no one knows how to get a picture on gamecube screen i will have to use the tft instead.

    is there anyway of modiying it like the ps1 screen.
    any help thanks.

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    take it apart and see if the connections are the same as inside the ps1 screen. theres nothing to garantee that its the same, but they could be, you just have to look.
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      well i have taken it apart, but really i don't know what i am looking at, it would be easier if someone could just tell me what to do with it.

      i guess that as there is only one reply sofar nobody else has used one of these


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        My friend was going to buy one to use for his but it was $70 from a pawn shop so he didn't. Have you tried a different video card?
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          its nothing to do with the video card, no matter what source you use xbox, dvd, pc you still have poor image either too dark or too bright as thereis no contrast.


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            well how does it connect to the gamecube? if you look at the back of the GC where does it connect? in the middle (digital) connector? the GC's RGB cables connect to the digital plug, so if the screen connects there then your looking at a possible straight RGB connection like the PSOne LCD That would be ideal but it just might be an S-video connection, then your SOL....


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              the input to the screen is composite or s-video only


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                Hey that ribbon on the gamecube screen is the same one for the gba/gbc screen. Wonder if the GBA screen will work in it's place?
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