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Any WRX's with DSCustoms 7"? Mine doesn't fit :(

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  • Any WRX's with DSCustoms 7"? Mine doesn't fit :(

    So, I got a DSCustoms 7" touchscreen vga for my '03 Subaru WRX. Well, the screen doesn't fit. The case is too big.

    Now, I could take it apart and try to see if the inner parts fit. They might. But that will void my warranty.

    Is this what most people do? Anything I should be aware of before I do it?

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    fiberglass the dash and make it fit. You can find a load of people on the forum doing this.
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      would be very interested in the resolution to your particular problem since I too have a simular car, a Subaru WRX STi -2003.

      I will then soon have the same problem since I did the installation of the tuch-screen kit yeasterday and today it is time for fitment.

      Was the WRX-console to narrow or not deep enough or what was the problem?



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        I am not sure how fiberglass will help since the Screen is too big. If it was too small, it could work I guess.

        With the casing, the WRX console is neither wide not tall enough to mount the screen flush.

        Without the casing, it might be a different story.


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            I'll try a few things tonight with the case off. My problem is that the screen is too big, not that its too small.


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              I get my screen tomorrow, I'll post what i find as I go.

              I would imagine you could take the case off, or at least the front of the case, to get it to fit up flush.

              See this WRX owners setup, different screen, but a clean finish.



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                Yeah, I've seen Matt's setup, its really cool. That's what I want to do. Only, with a DSCustoms vga touchscreen

                I'll try out some stuff tonight.


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                  Same boat here. I live close to Matt, so I may be able to have him help, for a little $$.

                  Post what you do, and I will do the same, between the two of us we should be able to get a good looking system out of it.


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                    OK, I got the screen to fit in the slot. You have to take both the front and the back casing off. Also, you have to take the smaller circuit board off the main lcd board. You'll see it when you open the screen up.

                    So, now that I know how I can make it fit, I will work on more installation this weekend.


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                      I'll try to catch up, as long as i get it tomorrow, i'll start trying to fabricate tomorrow night.


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                        Sweet, let me know how it goes. Looks like I'll have to buy a thin acryllic sheet or something. I dont want to work with fiberglass.

                        It fits in pretty tight too. Be careful when touching the circuit board Make sure youre static free.


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                          Just waiting for Fedex to show up, so i can go home and get started! I have this bad fealing it isn't going to be delivered today, I already saw one fedex truck come and go!


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                            OK this is going to be some work!

                            Have it all taken apart, now I just need a plan to put it all back together in a clean way....


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                              I made a temporary border for the screen out of cardboard. It fits right in. I just have to get some acrylic now. After that, I just need to power it up.

                              Oh yeah, I still have to install the PC :-/