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earthlcd panel kits?

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  • earthlcd panel kits?

    Probably stupid asking.

    Have decided that unless something stupid comes available real soon, I'm going to have to admit defeat and shell out on an EarthLCD kit.

    Don't suggest getting bits, as my soldering is really bad, and so is my knack for always locating the wrong part.

    I've been looking for either a 6.5 or 8.4" to buid into the lower centre console, or a 10.4 to stalk mount for easy removal (may even be able to make the console install removable).

    looking at the smaller ones (particularly the 8.4") non of them go to 800x600.

    The Jukebox program that I'm using E-Jukebox (paid for, so making it work kind of essential) needs 800x600. It will work at 640x480, but half of the features are invisible (off the side of the screen), and while I could live with my STN composite at 640x480, because I don't have much text to read, at 800x600, everything is too blury, I can get lots of info on there, but none of it is any use. So what I need is a small 800x600 VGA TFT package (either monitor or panel kit), touch would be nice, but I could add it later.

    Cheers all.
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.

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    heh do a search under my username and you'll find a bunch of posts of me looking for 8.4 inch high res lcds. the cheapest i found that was 800x600 or more was like the 5-600 dollar range
    90 300zx twinturbo conversion
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      Yeah, that works out about 350-420 GBP. And apart from Gain\*enarx screens, I'm beginning to see that is the case.

      Incredible that it is easier to buy a ready made screen with touch controller, than assemble your on isn't it.
      4x4 in a turbo stylee.