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    I'm pretty new at this stuff so i was wondering if someone here could help me out. I have a working lcd off of a gateway laptop. I'm assuming i still need sometime of controller card for the lcd. I already have the pin out diagram for this screen, and i'm a little confused on how to wire the 29 wires to a printer cable. Which wires go where? Here are a few pics of the lcd.
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    lcd numbers

    here's a close up of the numbers on the back
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      Where is the pinout? You do need a lcd controller if you plan on hooking up to rca or vga.
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        To a printer cable? A printer port will be way too slow to drive a lcd such as this. If your just trying to extend the cable to go to an lcd controller then the colors don't matter, just wire each end the same.


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          here a pic of the pinout. i would like to go to vga, but i don't know what type of controller to get for this type of lcd. I don't know know what pins would go where on the vga plug. Is there any way to do it w/o a controller card?

          Here is some more info about that lcd that is not in the pic below.

          Jumper settings: J5 1-2, J12 2-3, J16 2-3, J6 1-2, J7 2-3, J11 1-2

          VO (PIN 20 Display) is normally connected to the wiper of a 10K pot used for contrast adjusment. The top of the pot is connected to VEE ( pins 27 and 28 of the display). The bottom end of the pot is connected to a 20K resistor to ground.
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            Re: Pinout

            Originally posted by Cedrik
            Is there any way to do it w/o a controller card?

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