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mounting datalux in eclipse

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  • mounting datalux in eclipse

    Hey, i was woundering if they make a stand that pivots back and forth horazontaly? And that would also (sorry for wording) go in out like a drawer. that way i can move it towardse me but also towards passanger, and if passanger goes to get out they can push it toward the dash.

    thx for ideas ahead of time.
    Hardware:Mini-itx (M1000)/256mb ddr2700/40 gig 7200 rpm/Sony 10A DvD Burner /10.4 Datalux touch screen

    Software:Win Xp Pro, Media Engine

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    Sounds like you would need to fabicate something based on a tube, or a draw slider under the dash, and the neck from an anglepoise lamp.
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      cooljock if you can give a better decription of what you want maybe with some picture I may be able to build it if its simple. I have access to a machine shop and could do it out of aluminum, but don't get your hopes up. It probly would take a few hours to make and that means it could cost a good bit, but give me some more pics and I will tell you if Its somethink I might be willing to do. The big thing is I would have to know how it mounts to the car, and the exact position of the holes.
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