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Standard 10.4 inch lcd

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  • Standard 10.4 inch lcd

    I have been offered a standard lcd monitor 10.4 inch in size and it seems quite cheap its just a standard pc monitor with vga in.......

    My question is it comes with a huge power pack can i get an inverter board for it or such like so i can power it off a pc psu?

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    Have a look at the power pack output (Voltage/Ampage in to the monitor).

    you might find either it is 12V, so should be able to power it from the PC PSU, or may be 14/15/+ Volts, in which case you can buy a Targus laptop PSU for in car, just remove the car plug I think, and hardwire it in, and select the correct voltage for the monitor.
    Don't suppose the person selling has anymore, and is on line?
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      i will look into follow this here link....

      im told you can buy one new for 170 GBP which is not bad considering.... i have emailed them....

      did you get through or whatever theyre called, my mails have stopped bouncing but i havent had a reply...


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        I didn't try displaze, thought I would wait and see what response you got.
        Thats the Ebay screen isn't it? i looked at but wasn't sure.

        Yep, I contacted Vibrant too. Waiting for reply from them
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          I've had a reply from Vibrant about their screen "10.4 800x600 resistive touch" model LP-10T21

          "Dear Carl,

          The price for LP-10T21 (10.4" LCD monitor with touch screen) is £390 including VAT and carriage. Please refer to the attached file for the spec. and photo.

          We accept your payment by credit card or cheque, if you would like to place an order. Thanks a lot."

          Here is a spec sheet that I was sent , Unfortunatley it is a powepoint .

          Notice the price is dearer than the £170 quoted in that auction, but does include VATand delivery. sub £400 from the UK, with touch, and all in.

          Doesn't look too bad.
          4x4 in a turbo stylee.


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            PowerPoint Viewer - Free from M$.


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              what kind is the monitor?