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Question about Xenrac DS700YYV 7" touchscreen

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  • Question about Xenrac DS700YYV 7" touchscreen

    Hi Everyone,
    I have been browsing this group for a while and was interested if anyone has experience with the Xenrac DS700YYV 7" touchscreen (VGA + touchscreen + 2 composite)... and how well it works in daytime lighting conditions in a car. The display is a little pricey (the cheapest I found it is $439, but if the specs are true, I think it's worth it).

    I am in the process of building my 2nd navigation /media player which will be installed in my 2002 VW GTI 1.8t based around this display.

    My 1st navigation system was built for my previous 94' Ford Explorer and used a I-Opener with windows98 + streetatlas.

    Any opinions on this monitor will be greatly appreciated!!


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    use the search and you'll find plenty of reviews on this monitor...

    people like it, it's good monitor, worth the money

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      I have the wide screen model with touchscreen + 1 vga + 3 comp inputs and its fine in all but bright direct sunlight. The build quality on the connectors could be better though ...


      PS. Its a bit bright at night , I need to build an auto dimmer <grin>.


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        I like how it's now a Xenarc DS700yyv Anyways, if you really did some searching you would find it on for $399, using the link in my signature. And they work great!
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          Bought it!

          Yes, I have done research and found the DSCustoms 7" VGA touchscreen monitor though this group. Honestly, I was skeptical buying it for $400 since that seems to be alot less than other online places are selling it for, but after thinking about it alot, I ordered it this past Sunday night. Can't wait till I get it!!