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Using "reguler" TFT in a car

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  • Using "reguler" TFT in a car

    Hi all,
    I saw the prices of small (5-7 inches) LCD in cars, and thought to myself:
    If I use normal TFT LCD in a car (as the one I use at home) , will it work?
    I saw TFT that has power supply, I read the description on the power supply and saw that it converts AC voltage to 12VDC voltage.. so .. it should work in a car!!?
    By using normal TFT in car I get a VGA lcd (that I can use at home), and I can connect touch pad on it, and use it as touch screen! and the size is not 7 inches.. but 15 (I am sure most of you don't need such a big screen in the car.. but let's say that I do)
    What do you think?

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    I think it's very big for a car, but there's no reason why it shouldn't work. Bear in mind that the nominal 12v of a car can easily go as high as 14.5v or more when the alternator is charging - you need to be sure that this won't damage the screen.

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      If you got room, go for it. Your going to need regulated power for it though. Which isnt hard to get.

      Either use an inverter, a cheap 150W (or smaller) would do for just your monitor, or get a DC>DC power supply. Search around the forums for threads about powering PC's, same rules apply.


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        I'm running a 12.1 inch tft on my setup and can strongly advise having some kind of power regulation going on. i've already killed one lcd controller board in the display (i'm lucky in that i have access to a fairly plentifull supply of parts for the display i'm using, so it was fixed with in about 20 min of blowing). Now i run it from a regulated dc->dc adapter that cost about 5 from maplin. it puts out upto 12v @ 2000mA, exactly what the original PSU does


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          Hey Laz, you got a part number for that regulator mate.

          I'm just hacking about an old Taxan/CTX monitor to go in. The PSU is a funky 6 pin arrangement.

          12 1 amp +
          5v 2.5 amp +
          and two other wires that are listed on the PSU, but it isn't next to me at the moment, but I think are to do with powering the onboard speakers (they are going south already).

          I could just use the PSU with my inverter, but I would love to be able to wire it in, as it is a console build.
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            I just took a quick look round the maplin web site, but couldnt find it they only have the 800mA version on there (JY53H). they have discribed it as a "car voltage step down converter". Mine it currently strapped into the car, i'll get you a manufacturer and model for it tomorrow, that might at least help track it down.


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              That would be great. cheers.
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                ok i've had a is made by Altai modle number B034F(MW282). it doesn't say its regulated but it does seem to step the power down a bit when the engine is running.


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                  Found it on one site. I know the sort of thing you mean. Pretty much inversal for CD players, Walkman and games etc.
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                    yeah thats it. only one i've ever found that will do 2A though. was digging through a pile of old stuff earlier and found a 1.2A version as well