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    I am in the process of developing a relationship with a company in Taiwan who manufactures LCD screens primarily for POS teminals. I have conviced them to allow me to purchase some of their products. I am able to get LCD screens ranging from 6.4" to 42" plasma screens. The most interesting products I saw were an 8.4" and 10.4" touchscreen display. I know for me at least, 8.4" is a perfect size. Its wider than a 7" widescreen for movie watching and has far more screen area for opperating in Windows. Both screens are in the neighborhood of 250 nits and have a resolution of 800x600. The price would be in the neighborhood of $500 with addons for USB out, or AV inputs. Please let me know if any of you guys are interested so I am maybe get some kind of order together. I am awaiting detailed spec sheets now.

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    drop the price $100 and we'll talk
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      250 nits for $500 bucks, you gotta be out of your mind.
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        If anyone knows of a place to get an 8.4" touchscreen for cheaper, I would like to know. I'm not looking to sell, I am just trying to buy