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  • Glare help

    Well I just got my dscustoms vga screen in the car and I can't see a thing in the daylight. It is unusable during the day. I did a search about anti glare and I saw that some people were testing out different anti-glare methods. Does anyone have a solution? Does a signal loose brightness when using a 10ft extention vga cable?

    Right now I am figuring that i am going to have to tint my windows and get anti-glare if I want to use the thing during the day.

    Any thoughts?

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    Has anyone tried cutting up a 3m monitor cover? It says it reduces glare by 99%. I think that is what I am going to try first.


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      I think saw on the forums here about an anti-glare sticky sheet 3M sells. They "claim" it improves the nitts as well. Who knows. Try searching for it. I think DDT was the one who started the thread. BTW Where the hell on gods green earth is that guy?
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        Yeah, I read that post but he never followed up on it. I don't know if he ever got the samples or not. Am I the only one having this problem with the DS Customs Screen? I mean it is almost 0 visability during the day.


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          Ok, I just got home from work and tried a few things. First I bought a monitor cover and tried just holding it up against the screen, still nothing. This was in close to direct sunlight. I then tried putting the car in the garage and left the doors open. I was able to see windows xp but not that well and that was at a perfect viewing angle and about 6inches from the screen. When I sit normal in the car all I see is a very fadded image.

          I noticed a few things. First the menu options seemed much brighter then the windows screen. I know that the background is solid blue and the text is a large font and white but it still seemed much better. This makes me think that extention cord of the vga cable may be part of the problem. The screen also flickers a little.

          Does this make any sense? Would a cable also decrease the brightness?

          And some additional info. The computer is running on a regular 150 watt ac-dc psu (still pluged into the wall) and the screen is running off of that psu as well. I am using a belkin 10ft extention cable. Only $12.


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            Follow up.

            It turns out my problem was the psu I was running the screen through. I tried pluging it directly into the wall and did not have a problem. Everything is working now. No need to tint!!!