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Vga Lcd In Australian Mp3 Cars?

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  • Vga Lcd In Australian Mp3 Cars?

    Well is there any? It seems that full lcd screens are not as common in au. Is this because they are simply too expensve

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    i think im the only one in oz with a vga lcd ive got a 10.4" datalux that i got from a friend for cheap works a treat great colours and viewing angle ill never sell it never ive already been offered double what i paid for it but nup ittl last me a while

    if you check out the general section theres a post i made about fiberglassing with the start of my lcd console

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      i got halfway through doing the PSone VGA mod, but gave up when i decided composite was OK after all....I think the PSone screen is great value (AUS$95 for 5" screen)


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        I have the digitalww composite screen, and i don't think it's worth the money for vga, considering how much it will cost to get one over here. Big text looks crystal clear on it (im running media engine and i can read everything perfectly) and anything smaller than that, well, i haven't tried, but why would u want to go smaller? you don't have much time to look at the screen normally so you want big things u can see quickly...


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          You say you a got a PSone screen for AUD$95, where? I thought they were dearer than that...



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            Dick Smith regular price ~ $100, plus my GF's woolworth's staff discount.

            Funny tho, i cant find it on their online site anymore...must be end of line stock now.


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              EYES PEELED - Melbourne

              Please keep eyes peeled for a psone LCD screen....=]

              i am prepared to spend $120AU. Not a cent more. So if you see them for that muchthen please do let me know asap. Im sick of 24x2... i need vis.

              I think PSONE is going to be cheapest, however if you know of anything cheaper then let us know.. =]




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                I'll keep my eyes open for you.

                Let me know if you find anything as I am interested in one too.



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                  I have found a place that I can get the screens from here in Melbourne. Trouble is they charge alot more than D Smith or Harvey Norman ever did. AUD$200, however they are the official SONY units.


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                    Lcd Screens

                    My Current Setup uses one of thoes 10.4in keycorp lcds. its fine for mp3s but forget movies or dvds, there not real bright but they can be had for 50 bux if your patient enough, I currently have a 12.1 inch vga lcd that i am hoping to use in my next setup if i can squeeze it in

                    What do you plan on doing with your system?
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                      Keep an eye out on ebay

                      Or if you were a few weeks earlier I would have sold you my PSone LCD which I sold for $65
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