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Need an LCD controller for ex laptop display

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  • Need an LCD controller for ex laptop display

    Anyone know where I can source a vga controller for an LCD display (in UK preferably) - it's a Sharp LQ154M1LW02 (15.4 WUXGA)
    A huge display! I'm guessing that these are only used in laptops and therefore I won't be able to get a controller for it but if anyone has any ideas.....

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    Sadly it's easyer and cheaper to use another standalone screen than it is to try and find a controler, let alone get it working.. sorry.

    Dixons do an LG screen for about 400 that will run from a regulated 12v (ive used one they work well )


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      Cheers for the reply T1ny, I was hoping for something a bit more positive! like yes the sharp LQ154M1LW02 is used in the blah blah blah monitor just phone blah blah blah for a replacement controller - thanx for the head up on the 12v screen dixons (even though everybody who works there is either mad or know nothing about anything - in my personal opinion) 400 notes is quite expensive - what size screen is that? 15" are coming in at about 200 or is it a 17".
      Just a vague excuse to bump of course