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Slightly confused about LCD's & Touchscreen's

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  • Slightly confused about LCD's & Touchscreen's

    1) Can you add Touch to any LCD or does the LCD have to have to set up for it?

    2) Does the touchscreen add a layer over the LCD that distorts the view? Toushscreen kits seem to be slightly cloudy, so you would think this could affect the viewing in a negative way - maybe reduces the contrast?

    So, I want a 7" touch LCD that I plan on hard mounting in dash (where stock radio was) in a 00 Expedition - Should I get it from dscustoms?

    -Thanks, AL
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    yes you can add one to any lcd. It might require some hacking but you'd want to get one that's the same size as your lcd to make life easier.

    Depends on the type of screens. There are a few. they seem to add a bit of glare but its hardly any with a good touchscreen. It doesn't distort the view at all
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