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Adding extra backlight to Xenarc/GAIN 7" screens?

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  • Adding extra backlight to Xenarc/GAIN 7" screens?

    Well, now that my install is done I am finding that the brightness of the 7" GAIN screen I got from DSCustoms leaves a little to be desired in the daytime.. It could use a little extra backlighting. I'm not worried too much about colors washing out with the extra light -- being able to see it is more important, and I'm not too worried about heat (I have room to place some heatsinks on the back if necessary)

    The screen is currently using the "stock" backlight. Short of taking it apart, does anyone know if it uses one or two ccfl's, and are they on the short edge or the long edge of the screen? If it's only one ccfl on the long edge, where can I get a second CCFL for the other side (and either a replacement inverter that can power both or extra inverter to add?

    Alternatively is there a company that will do an upgrade to this panel? I know Xenarc offers one but I doubt they'd mess with the same panel that did not carry their branding..

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