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Xenarc vs Datalux (Just need some input)

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  • Xenarc vs Datalux (Just need some input)

    OK, now that Logan and I are working out the ITPS power with iTuner, I figure it's only a matter of weeks till I need my screen. I've had character and a low nit VGA before, but now I wanna go quality. Keep in mind still on a college budget I would like to use touchscreen and must be VGA. I missed out on the $319 Xenarc deal, could have ordered but too lazy. One thing that interest me is Datalux screens are now under $200 on ebay. From what I've been told they are decent in direct light as well. I'm just not sure which way to go. I plan on using my carputer for my final scratch digital turntable software as well, and figure the 10.4 monitor would be great in both platforms, yet 7" might be too small. I just wanna get some others input before I spend the moeny. Let me know which you guys perfer for the price


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    I have the datalux and here are my complaints: it's dim, and it's only 640x480.

    On the plus side, if you just want a big screen and don't care, then it's a decent deal at $200 and 10.4" @ 640x480 will be much easier to read from your drivers seat as long as the screen doesn't get washed out by ambient lighting.

    I haven't put the screen in my car because it is too big for my dash.. I've been debating installing it sideways and using pivot software to rotate the screen.. the problem then is finding software that will fit nicely in a screen that is only 480px wide.
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      Thanks for the input, just curious wouldn't I have the same problem as far as glare with a Xenarc? I've also heard tinting windows helps a lot have you thought of this.


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        ShinkunoNamida - The datalux is rated at 350 nits so I am surprised you say it is dim... I was going to get one but now I have second thoughts.
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          Sorry to tell you but those Datalux Touchscreens on eBuy have only 100nits (i know because i bought one and checked parts ;d ) LQ10D321 LCD spec.
          Won't recommend you to buy it, but on $200 budget thats the best which you can get.

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