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PSOne monitor (again) how to connect to TV-Out

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  • PSOne monitor (again) how to connect to TV-Out

    Can't quiet seem to be able to figure this out.

    I have read through a lot of the post but I still can't get it, please explain it like I am an complete Morron (I Almost am on this subject)

    I don't want to use RGB (Cause I aint that good with soldering ) so I want to use TV-Out from my GFX card (It also means easy to connect to other devices )

    But in all the post you all say: "You have to use RCA"

    What is RCA is it the same as composit cable, i can buy a Sony PSOne 5" screen for 60$ (used of course) but In any of the pictures I can't see any such connector

    So how do one connect it?

    Please help a complete n00b

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    On my psone I got the rca video/audio jacks on the cable
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      Ok but how does RCA look like???

      is it the funny looking square thing that you put into the PSOne???

      I don't own a PSOne just wanna use the screen.

      PS. Pictures would help ALOT


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        There's a green coloured 3.5mm socket on the back of the PSOne display. That takes in a "Sony" jack, which is a 3.5mm plug with left audio, right audio, composite video and ground on it (not in that order).

        Try see if you can find a 4 point 3.5mm plug, they're not too easy to find. I'll see if i can find the order of the points, i wrote it down somewhere... You should be able to connect your composite video signal directly into that and have it display on the LCD.

        (The above is if you have a Sony branded PSOne LCD, don't know for other brands)


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          this is what rca looks like
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            Thanks for the feedback, RCA is what we in Denmark call Composit

            And if that doesn't work, then I'll try the "sony" jack, that starfox talks about


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              i'll throw in my 0.02.

              I just use a regular RCA-headphone cable to get the video from a composite source to the psone screen.

              see the link for a pic of the cable i use...very common.


              And if you REALLY want audio from the screen as well, just feed it in the 2nd RCA cable and you'll have mono sound.


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                OB1 >> Hey that's pretty Nice