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Xenarc screen in a 1998 HONDA ACCORD

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  • Xenarc screen in a 1998 HONDA ACCORD

    Hi Has any one installed a Xenarc screen in a 1998 HONDA ACCORD VTI and if you have any pics to show


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    This should be moved to the screen section...
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      Moved and more descriptive topics please....


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        So is there any one has done this yet or do i have to be the first one to do this



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          There don't seem to be a large number of accord owners here, so unless you see one in the "show off your setup" section of the forum someone probably hasn't.

          Owning a 93 accord and having looked through service manuals for accords they tend to have the DIN slots down low on the dash. Low enough to make it a damn pain to see the screen from your seat (and if you're in the back its blocked by the shifter) This may be different on newer models, I don't know. I mounted mine on the top of the dash. You can see my setup here.

          I hope that gives you some Ideas.
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            I have a gold '95 EX sedan, and my girlfriend has a blue '99 EX sedan. These pics should give an idea of the interiors, for those that aren't familiar with Accords:

            The 98-02 body style (the second one) looks perfect for a carputer. Don't know how the Xenarc dimensions compare with the opening (double-DIN?), but the placement is great. My '95 (similar to above pic), on the other hand, is awfully low (as fluggy 2097 pointed out).

            Don't be afraid of being the first, masterlp!


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              Thanks for the reply fluffy 2097 and linus it looks like im might have to be the first one to do it i cant wait to put the Xenarc screen its just i wanted a idea to see how it look like if some on else has done.



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                Originally posted by masterlp
                Thanks for the reply fluffy 2097 and linus it looks like im might have to be the first one to do it i cant wait to put the Xenarc screen its just i wanted a idea to see how it look like if some on else has done.

                Actually second or third...

                I have a 99 accord as well, my project will be staring soon

                By SEARCHING "accord din slot" I pulled this

                Then searching his name pulled this up

                Hope that helps
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                  Some great info in the thread. I took the poormans route and got a 14.1" desktop LCD to use in my 99 Accord. There really doesn't seem to be a good place to mount it though. I want to do as little damage (modification) to the existing dash as I can get away with. I'd really like to keep my HU where it's at. This has been the biggest obstical to the whole carputer so far. The idea I am pondering now is to take out the guts of the glove box (which I hate to have to give up), slap a motor on the door, and have the door slide down, and the screen pop up out of where the glove box used to be. I just can't think of any other place to put it. You Accord owners have any ideas?


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                    have you thought about removing the pasenger airbag???
                    Lots of room there to have it vertically raise...............

                    btw, if you move the head unit to the lower audio console, available at you will be able put a 7" in the double din

                    This is what I am thinking, or just moving the AC controls, and modifying it for a bigger screen!!!

                    Just getting started........


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                      This is from my 2000 Civic - I removed the head unit,
                      Maybe the pics will help :
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                        The xenarc fits perfectly in the dash of a 1998 accord with only minimal needed modifications. Mine looks like in came preinstalled.
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                            no ****...almost 2 years
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                              Check my sig, not a Xenarc its a Lilly but close enough.
                              This was the first "phase"

                              Before final paint. Bondo much better this time.

                              *Edit* - damn this thread is old
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