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how bad is composite video

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  • how bad is composite video

    hello all, ok I dicided to finaly start building my carputer so I wanted to buy a screen a "7.2 and a digitalww touch overlay, I can't afford a vga I have no experience with pc-tv or vise versa Im thinking of buying a video card with TV out but I have heard alot of bad stuff about composite vs vga so its etheir a composite or a character LCD what do you guys think do any of you have a picture of how bad the resolution is for text atleast. well thanks.
    too early to tell

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    what do you want to do with your setup?
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      Originally posted by hijinks21
      what do you want to do with your setup?
      Im going to run Media Engine 1.7.7 for now I have the hole setup exept the screen Im runing Windows xp pro, Im planing on running GPS too but not for a while right now I just want to play mp3s and the radio and videos. what video card do you guys recomend to use with a composiet screen?
      too early to tell


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        I think it all depends on how much you can buy either screen for. If you only spend 100 for a composit screen then it might tie you over for a while until you figure out you might want more or need more.

        I think a lot of us guy's spent 200+ on a screen and find it hard to justify a new screen purchase because of how much already invested, at least while there are other parts to be purchased.

        If, on the other hand you have the money to invest in a vga screen then you should probably start with it.


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          the vga screen is totally worth the high (eg: roughly double) price tag. . .and the touchscreen is pretty cool too
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