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That Lilliput VGA on Ebay

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  • That Lilliput VGA on Ebay

    with regard to this auction, which I'm sure buyers in both the US and the UK are aware of:

    it has the DC 12v AC adaptor (which I assume is a mains 110-240v converter to 12v DC) and the cigarette lighter plug- If I wanted to power this directly off the battery (a la TM-701L) would I have to cut up the cigarette lighter cable?

    also these auctions has the screen listed as being a Sharp 7" XGA yet the lilliputs on DWW are Hitachi VGAs- are there two types of Lilliput VGAs? if so which is better? what are the differences here?

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    I saw that one to and emailed the guy to see what the brightness was. He said it was 400Nits. After shipping and with the touchscreen option this unit would come to $300 US. That is $100 cheaper than the digitalww screen. But like you said, is it better or worse? I am writing him again to find out for sure about the model number and the touchscreen option.
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      looks like an investigation is in progress... I await answers with eagerness