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Composit to PSOne screen without Composit socket

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  • Composit to PSOne screen without Composit socket

    I think I remember to have read that it is possible to use a composit signal in one of these things even though it has no Composit socket, I think it's in one of the Pins, but can someone verify this for me since I seem to have some trouble finding it again (Can't remember if it was here or on DIYAudio I saw it)

    The screen I'm thinking about is the Gamrevue since this is the only one I can get hold of without spending to much money.

    I know it is possible to do the VGA hack on this screen but since I want to use it for other things than just my computer I would much rather use the Composit (And I aint that good at soldering )

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    It's not an Gamevue but an "Thrustmaster LCD XL Screenmate"
    Don't know why I wrote Gamevue


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      The screens vary on where they take composite in, official Sony screens have a four position 1/8" connector for Composite and Stereo line-in, most unofficial screens have standard RCA ports on the back for input. It's also possible the screen may take only RGB.


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        The pinout for the 4 pin Sony jack is something like tip is R audio, second from top is L audio, third is ground, fourth is composite (i think it's designed to screw up shielding if you assume the base pin is ground.. thanks Sony).. if you have that jack.