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TM-701L - Ghost Volume up ?

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  • TM-701L - Ghost Volume up ?

    Dont know if u understand, because of my bad english

    I have one Prob with the TM-701L

    It sometimes... no ... often does a VOL+ on its OSD...
    But i dont press these Front-Panel-Buttons at this time...
    piece for piece(is that english? )it goes more and more up, then it disappears, and after some time it goes on...
    like ghosts pressing my buttons...

    but there is also no remotec. in this area...
    so why does it such thing?

    Would be nice if anyone could help!
    It realy sucks!

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    i thnk we understand pretty good. your vol is going up on its own, with no buttons presses. Are the buttons sticky? Other than that i have no idea.
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      [QUOTE=Fla****]Dont know if u understand, because of my bad english

      Better than my english after lots of beer!

      Have you taken the case apart? Perhaps the case is pressing against the vol+ button? Or your touchscreen if you have it is bending the case to cause the button to be pressed?

      I have had devices in the past (eg Palm III) where you press one button, but a different button is actually pressed, because of the case and buttons being stuck to each other.


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        nope, no touchscreen here...

        but yes i opend the case, but this problem was also bevor that, and it doesnt seem that any button is sticky...
        Could it be a "spurious signal"(Stö[email protected]) from my TV-Out?


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          stö[email protected] = stö[email protected] = Interference signal @ the other lame language
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