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LCD is dead. How why what can I do?

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  • LCD is dead. How why what can I do?

    Okay I plugged my DVD player into my TV 1 line for video 1 line for audio. Powered up my LCD. Switched the audio to the LCD, can hear it fine. Switch the video and no go, still have audio but no video. I got this in the mail 2 days ago from gizmonkr. I (hopefully) attached the image he sent me the day he mailed it when it was apparently working. Can anyone think of why this would happen, how I could pinpoint or remedy the problem? I spent (what is to me) a lot of money on this and I am getting kind of nervous. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I think the guy has probably sent you a faulty screen or it my have been damaged in transit due to improper packaging, both of which are the sellers fault. Get a refund.

    Why would you send someone a picture of the LCD working the day you mailed it to them? And the picture could be a old one of when it was working.

    Also the lack of response from the seller to your posts asking for help in getting the lcd to work seems suss to me.


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      DId he use insurance? I hope he did. That kind of sucks.
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        Sounds like you have been scamed!! Since when does someone send a pic to prove somthing is working? Only when its NOT working and they hav an old pic of it or one that same working! If you cant sort it out with the seller take (because hes uncontactable or unhelpful) then take action, be it Legal action or Physical Violence against the Prick!
        Did you buy it off ebay?


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          Of course you have tried plugging your dvd player into other video units?

          ...of course you made sure the dvdplayer output matches the screen? pal vs ntsc

          Of course you have tried plugging a different video source into the screen?

          And I am sure you made sure that the video unit was getting power?
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            yes in my other post it goes through everything ive done to test it but i am not sure about the PAL or NTSC on my DVD player. I have tried it with my 9800np and using 2 monitors etc. Like I said I got it off the For Sale forum from gizmonkr. I think he is out of town, he said he was going to be before I even ordered it thats why he wanted to ship on a certain day. He really didnt seem like the type to do this so I hope I will hear from him soon.


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              Originally posted by PHoeNiX
              ...Since when does someone send a pic to prove somthing is working?....
              I do all the time. Also, every single time I sell stuff on ebay, I test it before posting the sale, once again when the auction ends. One more time before I pack it up for shipping. What I do when I buy used stuff on ebay is I would let the seller know my condition of buying the item from them first. I ask the seller to write a word or phrase of my choice on a piece of paper. It would be "working demo for auction" or "this is my auction" Then take a picture of that phrase next to the product while it's operating and email it to me before he packs it for shipping. That way I can varify the product being working before he send it off. I always buy shipping insurance. That way if the product arrived damaged, I'd know who broke it. If they dont agree to do that, that means they have something to hide.
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                I went back and checked my emails. He said he'd be in NY till tomorrow (tues.) so hopefully I will hear from him soon. I am sure it happened in shipping as he was really helpful and non-pressuring in it. He also seems to be a pretty big community member with over 600 posts so I am sure it is not his fault and we will work something out.


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                  Damn... You guys are like voltures....

                  1. I tested The LCD (and photographed it) hours before packing it up.

                  2. I packed the hell out of it. layers and layers of buble wrap, air cussion, more bubble wrap.

                  3. I fully intend to help ofthedove troubleshoot this issue and if for whatever reason it can not be resolved - Fully refund his money.

                  Ive been on this board for years, I enjoy the questions, discussions, and helping people. Im not looking to scan anyone.

                  I E-maild ofthedove, and gave him my phone number and we will trouble shoot the issue.
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                    Hey man glad to hear from you. I only have 2 hours between work and school 2-4est so Ill try to get a hold of you then. It was packed perfectly but thats the only place I could have seen something happening. Anyway talk to you in a while, thanks for the quick response I know you just got back.