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  • DS700TS-USB In Stock

    Hey, I was just wondering, does anyone know if has their new screens in stock yet, the website says by October 6th but can anyone confirm it?

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    dscustoms would be the one to ask, he's on this forum.
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      I know, I'm just impatient, I already sent him a message, I figured I could just ask around and get a quicker answer


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        i would also like to know as i already ordered one...


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          Due to problems in communication with the manufacturer GAIN co., the shipment of the DS700TS-USB model never happened, and never will.

          Apparently the manufacturer has decided that the only distributor for their products in the USA should be Xenarc (tm). It was pointed out to GAIN that Lilliput is making a screen of comparable quality, with many similar features and some better ones. We also mentioned that Lilliput is selling the screens at a significantly lower price. GAIN didn't appreciate the reccomendation that they lower their cost, and instead has refused to fulfill the order that was ready to ship.

          I know many of you have been waiting for these screens to arrive so you can place an order. Many others have been seeking out the touchscreen from Lilliput, and have found that they are not shipping yet to any dealer in significant quantity.

          As many of you know, this Lilliput screen is a 7" VGA + Composite TFT LCD. It has a brightness rating of 400 Nits, compared to 260 nits for the GAIN screens. It also has a USB touchscreen, which is a new feature for that company. I believe that these screens will satisfy all of your needs for an in car computer monitor. In all regards, it is probably a much better unit than the GAIN screens.

          This new model with the USB touchscreen is shipping on October 15th, and I have ordered 100 units to try out. They will be sold to anyone at $300, Which should be the most competitive price you can find. Keep in mind, many of you have been customers of mine before, and we have always had an excellent reputation with this community.

          It is disappointing to have to make this announcement, but hopefully we can continue to provide an excellent touchscreen at the best price.

          Due to this situation, I will not be accepting orders for the new screens until they are in stock and ready to ship

          The same warranty will be provided, and DS Customs will offer complete support for these screens.

          Customers with older GAIN screens will receive support to the capabilities of our company. If there is a critical problem with your screen, it will have to be replaced with a Lilliput screen, contact us for more details.

          Also, when GAIN releases the 7" Motorized in dash screen, we will still try to find a way to carry them for you, even if it takes different channels of supply. There is still no firm release date on those units.

          Thank you all for your support,
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            Sorry you lost the ability to resell GAIN screens. They may not be the best screens out there any more, but they're still the best-known, and the loss of business is unfortunate.

            On the other hand, the Lilliputs you're moving to seem to be superior products at better prices. Reading your posts comparing the GAIN and Lilliput screens, it seemed to me like you were knocking down the Lilliputs without any good reasons to back you up. I'm glad you've changed your tune - seems more in line with all the Lilliput praise I've heard.

            At $300, you might even get me to start buying parts for my first carputer.


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              Dave @ DSCustoms kicks A$$!

              To all who haven't ordered from DSCustoms, let me be the one tell you that Mr. Shore is a top notch businessman, and very customer focused. Considering the mess that GAIN has created for him, and the abuse he's had to endure, I think he'll come out smelling like roses.

              I only hope that he expands his product line to include other car-puter components, as I feel the need to support this business even more.

              Thumbs up to you, Dave!
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                So your going to be selling the lilliput VGA 400 nit touchscreens for $300?


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                  This sucks, but is good news at the same time.

                  I was supposed to get a replacement screen cause the other one had a broken connection or something. But now, hopefully ill get a different (lillyput) screen as a replacement. And from the looks of the lillyput screen a much better one too, and no connection issues judgeing from the pics of the cables.
                  Sucks i got wait till the 15th for it to even ship, ive been with out my carputer for weeks now, listening to FM radio and the same damn Neptunes CD. But what can you do, but wait.
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                    $300 is a great price for that monitor with touchscreen. When I get my project off the ground I will be buying from DSCustoms for that price.


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                      Gotta love how he's changed his positions on the Lilliput screens. I can remember back in the day when the Gain screen was much better. Now he's selling the Lilliput's also, but its cheaper so its ok.

                      Sorry, it made me laugh anyways.

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                        I buying mine direct from Lilliput for 215$ +40$ bank fee +30$ shipping. If you order more units it wil be cheaper.

                        Donīt got it yet.
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                          Yours is $15 cheaper, and the shipping for warrenty work will be higher then to Dave, and also will take longer When I get a new LCD (I have a 700TS right now..) I will buy from Dave or DigitalWW as they offer top quality - From the USA!
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                            7" motorized lcd

                            Xenarc is not the us distributor at this time the manufacturer has no us distributor and just to let every one know i will have a In-Dash 7" Colour Motorized TFT LCD Monitor
                            640 x 480 (VGA) 800 x 600 (auto searching) 1024 x 768 Operating voltage: 12VDCFully motorized Tilt angle: Left: 15 degrees Right: 15 degrees Top: 15 degrees with Touch-screen and DVD VGA input x 1 (on rear frame) Video and audio inputs With OSD IR controller in my hands in TWO WEEKS


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                              Does anyone know who this is? As far as I know there is no GAIN motorized touchscreen yet. What really sucks is that until friday I was under the assumption that the order was shipping.
                              I am hoping that these lilliput screens are better. I know that the Xenarc screens are more well known, but in a community like this, it's easy to have a reputation. I feel confident that any customer seriously considering the
                              xenarc screens now will see the $300 price difference and go with the Lilliput screens.
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