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Laptop screens - can they be used???

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  • Laptop screens - can they be used???

    I have a few screens from broken laptops, similar to the ones in this link.

    Can they be wired up to be used from a standard PC???

    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated

    Darren (UK)

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    try the search function.


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      A slightly better answer is no, not really.
      Cheaper to buy a screen than to make that one work....
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      Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

      Read the FAQ!


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        (funny, a noob telling another noob to search)
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          Dodge, why is that so funny? i knew the answer, because right after i posted that i ran the search function, and found the answer in like the 3 search result. its good to learn that the search function is there and how to use it.

          Imagine this, You have 2 boxes. One represents LCD screen. One represents LCD controller. They are linked together by a cable. The LCD controller box has an input. It could be RCA, S-Video or 15pin VGA. The LCD monitors you buy over the counter in a plastic casings have the LCD controllers built in. The "10" monitor w/ VGA" monitor ALREADY has the LCD controller built in. The VGA plug that you connect the PC to is a part of the LCD controller. If you would to buy an LCD from ebay, it doesn't come with a controller. You have the find a controller that'll work with that LCD screen. That's where your headache comes in. Basically an LCD screen is like a car's outer body, the doors, and windows and all. The LCD controller is the engine, transmission and the driveline.
          the post was
          A nOOB question about monitors.
          hope that helps you a little... is a decent explanation.

          dodge, i dont know if your comment was a attack on me, or just funny because usually the more experienced guys tell the noobs to search... i never even have to post on this forum because i use the search function. anyways, sorry if i came off to strong, just wasn't sure which way to read ur comment.


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            Still funny.

            Normally there is one or two crusty old time mp3ers that throws that down.

            Personally I say search, then I tell them what to search for, and sometimes I even give some example results.
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              But then how do one define a person as a "noob". Just because the person is new on the board it dont means hes automatically a noob?

              A noob on this board or a noob in technical? Im sure theres a noob out there who knew more than the person who had posted here the most.

              One question many do one have to post before he pass the noob status? Does the number of post gives you a "star" A bit like in macdonalds?

              I guess Im still noob, peace poeple


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                he is a noob to this forum, ie a noob
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                  Ryan, dodge didnt mean anything. For us members who have been here a while is funny for a new member to tell another new member to use the search function. YOu're not the only noob to tell another noob to use the search button.
                  The problem with noob's searches is that they dont read old threads, only the more recent ones. They also dont read threads with long responses. Lack of patients I guess. It seems everyday this topic (laptop LCDs) gets discussed over and over again. Also, people dont read the faq. As for who's a noob and who isn't, I think it comes down to how many months you've been with the forum. I dont think # of posts matters. You can post 300 messages in the off topic to get your post counts up. It doesnt matter how much you know about car stereos and/or computers. A new member is a noob. If Richard Clark or Alma Gates registered today, they'll be noobs too and will get bashed just like any other noobs if they ask can they use laptop LCDs as a monitor with out searching first. I would probably say that it takes 6 months before someone isnt considered a new member. A noob is a new member to the forum.
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